The case for blindness is not a simple case for human’s health. This disease can be so fatal moreover the blindness is permanent. It will disturb and cause chaos to every activity that you have. There are so many case of blindness, and one of it is cornea blindness. This kind of blindness happens because of the infection of bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Stafilococus, Streptococus, Niseria, and sometimes Protozoa, especially Amoeba and also Fungi (Aspergillus, Fusarium, and Candida). Another cause of blindness is cataract, glaucoma, retina, and also refraction. As the day pass, the blindness because of those kind diseases is increasing. To heal these there is smart discovery called as cornea transplantation.

To make normal the sight, the cornea should be transplanted. This transplantation will increase the vision. Transplantation of cornea or keratoplasti is done by get rid of the blur part of the cornea and replace it with the clean cornea from the donor by means of sewn. This smart discovery is now introducing to many people, especially for the patient of blindness. According to Prof.Dr.dr. Suhardjo SU SpM(K) from the division of Infection of Cornea Faculty of Doctor UGM, cornea infection is same as the case of a dirty mirror where it has to be replace or to be clean off.

The contamination of fungi and bacteria in cornea can be so fatal. The infection causes by fungi needs five weeks of treatment while the attack of infection because of bacteria is very fast. Only in several days, the bacteria will make the cornea blur and it is followed with the crash of cornea. People who are very susceptible to get this disease are those who work with sand, soil, and plants. The cornea transplantation is considered as the smart discovery that is very suitable to heal the infection of cornea.

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