Have you known about hydrangea? What is hydrangea? Hydrangea comes from Japan and it is included as a decorative plants. Hydrangea has a leaf shape like an egg and narrowing in the end. The flower is beautiful and always grouping and the color is various such as white, blue, pink and purple. The plant consist of hydrocyanic acid the part of its root have a content of dephrietin and tufin on its flower. Hydrangea has an efficacy as an anti-malaria and anti-inflammation, this smart discovery can be useful for a malaria patient moreover if the rain season where malaria spread comes.

Another efficacy of the hydrangea is to heal tonsillitis. To make drug from hydrangea for tonsillitis just wash and finely mashed the flower of hydrangea. Add with white rice vinegar for about one table spoon and water sufficiently. Refine the potion and use it for rinse your mouth regularly. To heal inflammation or sore throat, just wash, peel and mashed until it is soft the hydrangea root and bidara root. Add the water into the potion, squeeze and refine the water. The water can be used to rinse your mouth. This smart discovery of hydrangea will help you to heal your disease without any drugs.

As an anti-malaria, hydrangea can be used as a natural drug. Wash a ten grams of hydrangea leafs and a half of papaya leafs then boil it with 500 cc water. Boil the potion until it last for the half of it or 250 cc. Chill out and refine the potion before it being drunk. The smart discovery for hydrangea natural drugs can even be used to heal breathless or fast heartbeat. Again, wash and soak until soft 15 grams of hydrangea root. Add it with 15 grams of chrisantemum flower, 5 bud of white cempaka and the last is 10 grains lotus seeds, boil the potion with 500 cc water until it last for the half of it, refine after cold and drink regularly.

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